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FeelsGood is focused on reducing pain, stress, anxiety and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

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It is our product to reduce pain during venipuncture procedures, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in more than 10,000 painless procedures. FeelsGood has designed a technique that redirects patient care during venipuncture procedures, this technique is called "2-step synchronized approach" and is used in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and soon in Ecuador.



Reduces pain

We reduce the sensation of pain during venipuncture procedures such as poth-to-cath catheter opening, canalization, blood sampling or medication application.

We reduce stress and anxiety

We managed to reduce anxiety and stress during radiotherapy, chemotherapy procedures, among others.

Costs reduction.

Compared to local anesthetics like lidocaine that are consumed when applied, our product can be used many times.

Our product has been tested in more than 10,000 painless procedures.

The most important institutions in Latin America and Brazil have already been using it.

In Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Brasil


Social platform for physiotherapeutic rehabilitation

We are building the first virtual reality physiotherapeutic rehabilitation social platform, it will be available in June 2021. and you will be able to rehabilitate from home.

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